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You will find the grease nipples in our general catalog on page 2, 3, 4 and 5.

grease nipples
Schmiertechnik e.Kfm.  offers grease nipples and oil nipples in all variations. Hydraulic-type nipples (type "H" by DiN 71412), Ball-type nipples (type
"K" by DiN 3402), Flush-type nipples (type "D" by DiN 3405), and Button-head nipples (type "M" DiN 3404) are made of galvanized steel, brass or stainless steel (V2A or V4A). Extended or modified nipples are of course a part of LARCOs  selection, as well as protection-caps and marking-rings.


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Hydraulic-type grease nipples       Ball-type grease nipples          Flush-tye grease nipples                  button-head-type grease nipples
DIN 71412                                    DIN 3402                                 DIN 3405                                          DIN 3404

grease nipple                               grease nipple                          grease nipple                                   grease nipple
straight/A (H1) No. 273                 straight/A (K7) No. 268a          straight/A (D1) No. 291                     Ø 16 mm M1 No. 230

grease nipple                               grease nipple                         grease nipple                                  grease nipple
H2 No. 274                                  straigth/A (K1) No. 268            D2 No. 292                                    
Ø 10 mm M4 No. 234                      

grease nipple                             grease nipple                          grease nipple                                  grease nipple
H3 No. 275                                 K2 No. 262                              D3 No. 293                                    
Ø 22 mm  M22 No. 236

ease nipple                           grease nipple                             grease nipple

drive type                                 K3 No. 263                                 drive type
H1a No. 276                                                                               D1a No. 290


                                                grease nipple                           grease nipple
                                                drive type                                 DV1
                                                K1 No. 269