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Here you will find our current catalog no. 506 as a PDF file.

grease nipples
LARCO Schmiertechnik e.Kfm.  offers grease nipples and oil nipples in all variations. Hydraulic-type nipples (type "H" by DiN 71412), Ball-type nipples (type "K" by DiN 3402), Flush-type nipples (type "D" by DiN 3405), and Button-head nipples (type "M" DiN 3404) are made of galvanized steel, brass or stainless steel (V2A or V4A). Extended or modified nipples are of course a part of LARCOs  selection, as well as protection-caps and marking-rings.

grease- and oil-guns
LARCO  Schmiertechnik e.Kfm. offers lubrication technology for all applications. Side-lever grease-guns, one-hand grease-guns, push-type grease-guns, air-operated grease-guns, electric grease-guns for every demand.
Accessories such as nozzles, extension tubes and high-pressure-hoses belong as well to the LARCOs range.

filling systems for grease guns
LARCO Schmiertechnik e.Kfm. offers filling-pumps for the above mentioned grease-guns, hand-operated or pneumatic-operated.

self-lubricating bushings
LARCO Schmiertechnik e. Kfm. offers all systems. Gas pressure lubricators, spring pressure lubricators and electro-mechanical lubricators are available in various capacities
, also as central lubrication systems.

drip feed oilers
LARCO Schmiertechnik e.Kfm. offers drip-feed-oilers in many variations. Manual, electric and with electric pump. The oil reservoirs are made of natural glass or plexiglass. The oilers can supply up to 10 lubrication-points. Oil-brushes, brush-holders, fittings and hoses complete the range.

oil level fittings
LARCO Schmiertechnik e.Kfm. offers oil level indicators, oil gauges, oil level windows to check the oil level.
Oil level indicators are available in brass or stainless steel. Oil gauges are available in brass, aluminium, plastic or stainless steel. Oil level windows are available with or without a metal frame.

cover oilers
LARCO Schmiertechnik e.Kfm. offers cover oilers according to DiN 3410.

LARCO Schmiertechnik e.Kfm. offers oilers for a professional handling. Many variations can be found in the range.