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You will find the oil level indicators in our general catalog on page 19

oil level indicators  page 19
oil level indicator                        oil level indicator                          oil level indicator                           oil level indicator                           
No. 141                                       No. 142                                         No. 143                                          No. 144
New! No. 143E stainless steel     New! No.142E  stainless steel       New! No. 143E stainless steel
(1.4404)                                      (1.4404)                                        (1.4404) 

oil level indicator

New! No. (1.4404)   stainless steel

The use of best materials makes a use in critical and sensitive areas possible!
The oil level indicator (straight or angular) are sea water resistant, high acid proof and comply with the ATEX standard conduit!
All common threads and heights!