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You find them in our general catalog on page 15 ,16, 17 and 18

drip feed oilers
LARCO Schmiertechnik e.Kfm. offers drip-feed-oilers in many variations. Manual, electric and with electric pump. The oil reservoirs are made of natural glass or plexiglass. The oilers can supply up to 10 lubrication-points. Oil-brushes, brush-holders, fittings and hoses complete the range.

drip feed oiler manual
drip feed oiler No. 126                     drip feed oiler No. 136                   drip feed oiler MOS                       drip feed oiler MTM
page 15                                           page 15                                          page 15                                         page 16

 drip feed oiler electric
drip feed oiler ELO page 16         drip feed oiler EOS page 16       drip feed oiler MET page 16

drip feed oiler with electric pump
drip feed oiler EPO page 17                 drip feed oiler EPO page 17